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Themes are how we thematically categorise our documents and organisations. They represent the most topical and relevant thematic areas in development.

Themes are browsable and have a simple hierarchy which enables a user to explore a thematic area in an easy and understandable way.

Eldis uses Themes to organise its document data. You can see these represented on the Eldis website as Resource Guides.


Field Name Description
archived A flag indicating if a theme has been archived – new documents or organisations will not be associated with this theme.
cat_level (deprecated) Position in the hierarchy, starting at 1, the top level -replaced by ‘level
category_path A human-readable list of the parent category names, delimited with a . (full stop)
children_url Web-accessible uri for the “children” of this theme
description A description of the theme, where applicable
level Position in the hierarchy, starting at 1, the top level
metadata_url Web-accessible uri for this object
object_id Unique idenitfier of this theme
object_type The type of asset, in this case “Theme”
parent_object_array Details about the parent of this theme
  • level
  • metadata_url
  • object_id
  • object_name: Theme name
  • object_type: “theme”
parent_object_id Unique identifier of the parent to this theme
parent_url Web-accessible uri for the “parent” of this theme
site Name of the collection to which this theme belongs
timestamp Indicates when record was indexed in the API
name (or title) Name of theme
toplevel_parent_url Web-accessible uri for the top level “parent” of this theme

Please note that theme names are not unique. Either the object_id (or path) should be used to identify unique themes.

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