Additional fields in count results

Two fields have been added to the results returned when doing a count of documents or organisations by theme and country. Theme now returns the level field to indicate where the theme sits in the hierarchy. Country now returns the two character ISO code for that country. These fields are intended to reduce the number […]

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Archiving themes and regions

Our categories change over time and we wanted to be able to reflect that in the API. The categories (themes and regions) now have an “archived” field. If we decide we no longer want to assign our documents and organisations to a theme or if we feel a region is no longer valid, we will […]

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The Data > Categories > Themes

Themes are how we thematically categorise our documents and organisations. They represent the most topical and relevant thematic areas in development. Themes are browsable and have a simple hierarchy which enables a user to explore a thematic area in an easy and understandable way. Eldis uses Themes to organise its document data. You can see […]

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