Additional fields in count results

Two fields have been added to the results returned when doing a count of documents or organisations by theme and country. Theme now returns the level field to indicate where the theme sits in the hierarchy. Country now returns the two character ISO code for that country. These fields are intended to reduce the number […]

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Changes to structure of count results

When using the “count” function, the results returned are now structured to show the object requested. For example when counting documents by theme, the theme’s id, name and type are returned as an array along with the count. This supersedes the use of a combined “object” string. returns “theme_count”: [ { “count”: 358, “metadata_url”: […]

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Calling the API > Count site / count / data object / categories / query A count is a dynamic clustering of objects or search results into categories  (theme, country, region, keywords). A count shows the number of hits within the search that match that category. Counts are possible with any combination of the following objects and parameters: Objects Parameter […]

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